It is not just another park (1)

retiro park-crystal palaceJust getting into this homely place

A thousand smiles caress my senses

Carrying myself to the pure childhood 

Where all my sweet memories were carefully created

Where I used to feed the ducks with hard bread 

As well as the elegant white swans of the Crystal Palace

Old couples making photos, and youngers too, and parents  smiling with their kids, separeted or not,

And see how the daisies are waiting for someone to play the game “she likes me, she doesn`t…”

And the elegant peacocks cleaning their feathers of beutiful and bright colours, blue dark, blue light, brown, purple, green, gray, black as their heels, and white as their royal heads…

And find the perfect place to lay down between the sun and the shadow, the shadow of the trees, big, long and colourful trees,

And listen to the sounds of the fountain`s  water, up and down once and once again,

And scape from the noises of this city, full of traffic jam, cars, buses, motor-bikes…

Observing the cycling Street where I used to do rolling skate

And where now I  love to running till the final gates 

A symphony of colours when I walk around there calming

Till I could enter through its crystal bright lights, is the Cristal palace calling me out…?

And watch the lazy ducks taking naps, between the statues and thinking that Morfeo have just got them into his arms

And arrived where I took some pizza with my best Friends of all time, it is like a interdimensional spaces where time doesn`t go on and likes to fill my heart with the best memories I could have.

Green leaves during spring time, when I used to sitting down up to the lion`s statues with just 6 years ols, curly hair, red cheeks and bealiving in sweet dreams, just pure infancy

And even the sizzling summer comes just on time like every year, they sell ice creams all around:chocolate, hazel-nuts, lima-limón, strawbarries and coco-nuts…

They’re still stubborn drawing nature figures to my body

Till mahogany Autumn knocks to the doors of every corner of the park

Sailing in a white and blue boat from one place to somewhere else

While you and I can admire the animal’s statues that adorn it surroundings

Making  us feel that nature goes beyond its human creation itselves

And contemplating the sunset through a pair of magical sunglasses

That will make you think that real beautiful life is in the simple natural facts

This perfect place for every occasion have too many addresses, but just one name

Could you guess what I’m talking about…?

Yes, the lovely Retiro Park


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