To Travel or not to Travel


To travel or not to travel-that is the question:

Whether ´tis better to remain in the hometown

And confront the wearisome days

Or to accept the reality imposed unjustly

And, somehow, dully evade. To revolt, to rise up-

No more-and by revolting to say I can fight

Waking up every morning and smile to life

That every day keeps me into this monotonous situation

Iˋd love to fade away. To overcome, to explore-

To explore, perchance, to fly. Oh, thereˋs the problem

For in that trip of adventures what the dream may come true,

When we are staying till the last minute listening to music,

Could make us close our eyes and breath slowy

Thatˋs all I want to feel in the end

For who really wants to join the adventureˋs life

The incorcerated independence, the breathlessly parenthood,

The impolite people with a menacing gaze in the subway, the false iniciative,

The bustle of this oppresive city and the whispering ambulance sirens during midnights

That makes me to become a globletrotter just in my deepest nights,

When I finally feel complete

Without taking care of him? Who would make me feel the freedom in my heart and feet,

To run and catch a train from another place,

But to feel the fear of absolute failure,

The undiscovered lands that might be dangerous to walk on

Through wild paths, old bridges

While I still asking myself about what really matters

Instead of driving all night to get me there?

Thus the chances of living without schedules that makes me disorganized

And thus the bliss of going out just to look around

Is forbidden for those who lost their own dreams on their way,

And breathtaking moments full of landscapes and clear skies

With the expectation that someday I will take off

And fly away taking my lifeˋs control



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