The treasure map

There has always been a legend about my university: people said that a thief hid a bowl full of gold coins somewhere in the building. One night I had a revealing dream in which Don Bosco told me that the escape fire map was the map that leads to the treasure. The following day I looked at it: too many red dots.



To watch or not to watch

To watch or not to watch – that is the question:

Whether ‘tis easier to open the laptop

And stare for hours at your display

Or to keep it close over the desk

And go for a walk for not being alone.


To watch, to switch off the button

No more – and by deciding what to do

The early-morning wasted due to the idiot box

That everyday dazes

It is a routine

No one can hold anymore.


To stay, to go

To walk, maybe too long. Ay, there’s the problem,

to avoid for being alone

like a wild bird caught in a cage

that is my biggest fear.


Don´t trust


Marta Fraile as the Narrator and Radio news 3

Esther Gayoso as Mom and Dad

Laila Ballouk as Radio news 1 and Teacher

Caterina as Bob, John, Paul and Radio news 2


Narrator: this is the story about an amazing, intellectual teacher. He was the perfect man to stir up the educational system.

Radio news 1: Last news: We’ve got the news that today, at the Best Teacher World Prize, the first prize was given to Ramón Sanchez López…(still speaking)

Mom: Honey, honey come here, is our children’s teacher in the local news! Listen!

Radio news 2: it doesn’t surprise us. So far, this is just the latest prize of a career full of awards. He is an example to every educator to follow his steps and today, we have the honor to have him here. Hello Ramón! Welcome to the studio!

Teacher: Thanks, it is such a pleasure to be here today.

Radio news 3: So, please, tell us, how do you feel right now?

Teacher: Pfff (exclaimed) A lot of effort is behind it. It is a big responsibility, the situation is so overwhelming, everybody is counting on me…But of course I`m pleased to have received again, another prize, and I hope my ideas can inspire and help other people, teachers, parents…

Narrator: After being in a lot of interviews…

(Parents commenting)

Mom: Did you see how weird is Bob behaving lately…? This morning he forgot to wear his socks…!!

Dad: Oh come on, maybe he is just following some “new” trend at school…

(At school)

Bob: (tidying up his bag pack) Wait for me guys…

Teacher: Bye Bob…have a nice day…

Narrator: no answer (tension)

Narrator: in the meanwhile in the police office…

Inspector 1 (Paul): Well, it was complicated, but we did it. We caught the bad guy. How about a beer now, John?

Inspector 2(john): Oh, that would be great but I have a very big and long pile of papers of a very difficult case to look at …catch you later, Paul.

Narrator: Before starting to work, John takes a look at the local newspaper. The title says: Ramon Sánchez won the most important education award.

John: But…that´s the teacher of my sister´s child! I have to go and visit her, It has been weeks since I don´t hear from her!

Narrator: John decides to go and visit his family. They talk for a while, since John notices something strange in Bob´s behavior: Bob doesn´t kiss him and doesn´t even say hello.

John: What´s the matter with Bob?

Dad: Don´t take it seriously, he has been acting like that for a week… You know, children´s things…

Mom: Actually, I think we should take it seriously. Something has to be wrong at school.

Narrator: After the weekend the Mom decides to have a meeting with Bob´s teacher.

At school:

Teacher: Wait in this room a moment, I have to go and take my register.

Mom: No problem.

Narrator: The mom enters the room and notices that a drawer of the desk is open. She looks out of the corner of her eye and sees some… photos.

Mom to herself: OMG! It cannot be possible. My little Bob, that is why he was acting weirdly. I have to talk with John!

Teacher: I´m here, let’s start!

Mom: Sorry Ramón, I just received an emergency call, I have to go.

Teacher: Ok, no problem. We keep in touch.

Narrator: The mom goes directly to the police office and tells everything she has seen to John.

John: Okay, don´t be panic. We will follow the procedure.

Narrator: Two days later…

Radio news 1: Breaking news, the famous teacher Ramon Sánchez, the best teacher of the world, has been arrested on charged of being pedophile.



Huge herd of cows invade train platform in Kent

A herd of cows of cows invaded yesterday the platform at Hever station. Their shepherd Robert Kentington, explained the worried Network Rail response staff, that he wasn’t able to stop them – they were completely out of control. When the cows arrived at the station, Robert understood what was going on: they were attracted to a convoy carrying cattle to the slaughter. They wanted to pay their last respects to their homies. After the train left the station, the cattle returned autonomously back in the fields.

A cow falls onto the tracks at Hever station
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September in the countryside

I think about the green field set in the tiny valley between high, steep, prosperous mountains.
The place where the whole family grew: grandparents, uncles and aunts, parents, daughters and sons.
The place that reunites everybody in September, when it’s time to pick apples
and the operative hands are covered of dust, of scratches, of sweat
and the ears are full of bird twitters, of motor rumbling, of small talk,
and the throat is dry.

The little children climb the ladder, pick some apples, break the stalk and start again
The young dudes climb the ladder, pick some apples and look at the cyclists on the faraway street
The adults climb the ladder and try to pick as many apples as they can
The elderly stay on the ground and empty the colored, aged, crumbling baskets that are endangering the brief existence of the golden fruits.

The long invertebrate worm in the yellow apple on the ground is thrown in the air with his new comfortable house
landing unexpectedly on the shirt of the fastest climber.
The innocuous apple war is ceased from the hands of the clock to arrive at 12pm
It means it’s time to leave the roasting hot and go in the shaded, cool kitchen
where all the chairs are set around the table,
where everybody sits with impatient hunger to eat the filling and nourishing pasta with ragu’.