What happens inside, stays inside

WINDOWS-DEFAMILIARIZATION STORY“Am I the weirdo looking at the crowd? Should I be like them and pass through the hallway?. Living in a parallel world unconscious about daily details as those “transparent” windows…

Hey! Is that a shadow?”



Don´t trust


Marta Fraile as the Narrator and Radio news 3

Esther Gayoso as Mom and Dad

Laila Ballouk as Radio news 1 and Teacher

Caterina as Bob, John, Paul and Radio news 2


Narrator: this is the story about an amazing, intellectual teacher. He was the perfect man to stir up the educational system.

Radio news 1: Last news: We’ve got the news that today, at the Best Teacher World Prize, the first prize was given to Ramón Sanchez López…(still speaking)

Mom: Honey, honey come here, is our children’s teacher in the local news! Listen!

Radio news 2: it doesn’t surprise us. So far, this is just the latest prize of a career full of awards. He is an example to every educator to follow his steps and today, we have the honor to have him here. Hello Ramón! Welcome to the studio!

Teacher: Thanks, it is such a pleasure to be here today.

Radio news 3: So, please, tell us, how do you feel right now?

Teacher: Pfff (exclaimed) A lot of effort is behind it. It is a big responsibility, the situation is so overwhelming, everybody is counting on me…But of course I`m pleased to have received again, another prize, and I hope my ideas can inspire and help other people, teachers, parents…

Narrator: After being in a lot of interviews…

(Parents commenting)

Mom: Did you see how weird is Bob behaving lately…? This morning he forgot to wear his socks…!!

Dad: Oh come on, maybe he is just following some “new” trend at school…

(At school)

Bob: (tidying up his bag pack) Wait for me guys…

Teacher: Bye Bob…have a nice day…

Narrator: no answer (tension)

Narrator: in the meanwhile in the police office…

Inspector 1 (Paul): Well, it was complicated, but we did it. We caught the bad guy. How about a beer now, John?

Inspector 2(john): Oh, that would be great but I have a very big and long pile of papers of a very difficult case to look at …catch you later, Paul.

Narrator: Before starting to work, John takes a look at the local newspaper. The title says: Ramon Sánchez won the most important education award.

John: But…that´s the teacher of my sister´s child! I have to go and visit her, It has been weeks since I don´t hear from her!

Narrator: John decides to go and visit his family. They talk for a while, since John notices something strange in Bob´s behavior: Bob doesn´t kiss him and doesn´t even say hello.

John: What´s the matter with Bob?

Dad: Don´t take it seriously, he has been acting like that for a week… You know, children´s things…

Mom: Actually, I think we should take it seriously. Something has to be wrong at school.

Narrator: After the weekend the Mom decides to have a meeting with Bob´s teacher.

At school:

Teacher: Wait in this room a moment, I have to go and take my register.

Mom: No problem.

Narrator: The mom enters the room and notices that a drawer of the desk is open. She looks out of the corner of her eye and sees some… photos.

Mom to herself: OMG! It cannot be possible. My little Bob, that is why he was acting weirdly. I have to talk with John!

Teacher: I´m here, let’s start!

Mom: Sorry Ramón, I just received an emergency call, I have to go.

Teacher: Ok, no problem. We keep in touch.

Narrator: The mom goes directly to the police office and tells everything she has seen to John.

John: Okay, don´t be panic. We will follow the procedure.

Narrator: Two days later…

Radio news 1: Breaking news, the famous teacher Ramon Sánchez, the best teacher of the world, has been arrested on charged of being pedophile.



To go or not to go

To go or not to go – that is the question:

Whether it looks better to stay and suffer

The fails and recoveries of awful exams,

Or to take place into university social life

And, by choosing, end them. To study, to read-

No more- and by an Honour to say it ends

The headache and the thousand lost friends

That mark is a fight- a consummation

Faithfully followed and wished. To study, to read-

To read, perchance to learn. Ay, I see the trouble

If I read to study and I study to learn,

When we forget to learn, then we don’t know

Must be a technique. I see the willpower

That makes the work a roller – coaster.



Little lambs

My father was a scientist but now he owns a farm. I am the one who care for all the little lambs. There is a mysterious door which I am not allowed to enter. I always see that, when my father leaves that room he tells us – There is a new little lamb in the family!-.  Every Friday, my father goes to the town and I am in charge of the farm. This time it was different, he forgot to close that door… I encouraged myself.
I couldn’t believe it, my father was all those lambs creator!
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My bed

Let’s go everywhere,

Let’s stay here.

Every night a new adventure.

Where my body flys, where my body dies,

Everything is so easy here,

Different shapes but the same aim

which make us be equals.

We all need it and it makes me feel I am part of this society,

We don’t have anything to lose.

Time here smells like grass,

I spend too much time imaging I am here,

everything else does not matter,

days are long, but time here, is short.

Passion, death, love, sadness, fear…

I dress up like you, you dress up like me

I don’t want not to be with you

I pretend that I don’t like to be here

But I miss it during the whole day.