What happens inside, stays inside

WINDOWS-DEFAMILIARIZATION STORY“Am I the weirdo looking at the crowd? Should I be like them and pass through the hallway?. Living in a parallel world unconscious about daily details as those “transparent” windows…

Hey! Is that a shadow?”



How could you…?

As usual, she only could imagine a better life for her, but without any propose to move on or change

The daily life struggled her dreams to have something more, or someone else just to hug and take care of…

But suddenly, he came to her door one day…

There were brilliant days, until he dumped her.1496054591158-966264632


Don´t trust


Marta Fraile as the Narrator and Radio news 3

Esther Gayoso as Mom and Dad

Laila Ballouk as Radio news 1 and Teacher

Caterina as Bob, John, Paul and Radio news 2


Narrator: this is the story about an amazing, intellectual teacher. He was the perfect man to stir up the educational system.

Radio news 1: Last news: We’ve got the news that today, at the Best Teacher World Prize, the first prize was given to Ramón Sanchez López…(still speaking)

Mom: Honey, honey come here, is our children’s teacher in the local news! Listen!

Radio news 2: it doesn’t surprise us. So far, this is just the latest prize of a career full of awards. He is an example to every educator to follow his steps and today, we have the honor to have him here. Hello Ramón! Welcome to the studio!

Teacher: Thanks, it is such a pleasure to be here today.

Radio news 3: So, please, tell us, how do you feel right now?

Teacher: Pfff (exclaimed) A lot of effort is behind it. It is a big responsibility, the situation is so overwhelming, everybody is counting on me…But of course I`m pleased to have received again, another prize, and I hope my ideas can inspire and help other people, teachers, parents…

Narrator: After being in a lot of interviews…

(Parents commenting)

Mom: Did you see how weird is Bob behaving lately…? This morning he forgot to wear his socks…!!

Dad: Oh come on, maybe he is just following some “new” trend at school…

(At school)

Bob: (tidying up his bag pack) Wait for me guys…

Teacher: Bye Bob…have a nice day…

Narrator: no answer (tension)

Narrator: in the meanwhile in the police office…

Inspector 1 (Paul): Well, it was complicated, but we did it. We caught the bad guy. How about a beer now, John?

Inspector 2(john): Oh, that would be great but I have a very big and long pile of papers of a very difficult case to look at …catch you later, Paul.

Narrator: Before starting to work, John takes a look at the local newspaper. The title says: Ramon Sánchez won the most important education award.

John: But…that´s the teacher of my sister´s child! I have to go and visit her, It has been weeks since I don´t hear from her!

Narrator: John decides to go and visit his family. They talk for a while, since John notices something strange in Bob´s behavior: Bob doesn´t kiss him and doesn´t even say hello.

John: What´s the matter with Bob?

Dad: Don´t take it seriously, he has been acting like that for a week… You know, children´s things…

Mom: Actually, I think we should take it seriously. Something has to be wrong at school.

Narrator: After the weekend the Mom decides to have a meeting with Bob´s teacher.

At school:

Teacher: Wait in this room a moment, I have to go and take my register.

Mom: No problem.

Narrator: The mom enters the room and notices that a drawer of the desk is open. She looks out of the corner of her eye and sees some… photos.

Mom to herself: OMG! It cannot be possible. My little Bob, that is why he was acting weirdly. I have to talk with John!

Teacher: I´m here, let’s start!

Mom: Sorry Ramón, I just received an emergency call, I have to go.

Teacher: Ok, no problem. We keep in touch.

Narrator: The mom goes directly to the police office and tells everything she has seen to John.

John: Okay, don´t be panic. We will follow the procedure.

Narrator: Two days later…

Radio news 1: Breaking news, the famous teacher Ramon Sánchez, the best teacher of the world, has been arrested on charged of being pedophile.



To Travel or not to Travel


To travel or not to travel-that is the question:

Whether ´tis better to remain in the hometown

And confront the wearisome days

Or to accept the reality imposed unjustly

And, somehow, dully evade. To revolt, to rise up-

No more-and by revolting to say I can fight

Waking up every morning and smile to life

That every day keeps me into this monotonous situation

Iˋd love to fade away. To overcome, to explore-

To explore, perchance, to fly. Oh, thereˋs the problem

For in that trip of adventures what the dream may come true,

When we are staying till the last minute listening to music,

Could make us close our eyes and breath slowy

Thatˋs all I want to feel in the end

For who really wants to join the adventureˋs life

The incorcerated independence, the breathlessly parenthood,

The impolite people with a menacing gaze in the subway, the false iniciative,

The bustle of this oppresive city and the whispering ambulance sirens during midnights

That makes me to become a globletrotter just in my deepest nights,

When I finally feel complete

Without taking care of him? Who would make me feel the freedom in my heart and feet,

To run and catch a train from another place,

But to feel the fear of absolute failure,

The undiscovered lands that might be dangerous to walk on

Through wild paths, old bridges

While I still asking myself about what really matters

Instead of driving all night to get me there?

Thus the chances of living without schedules that makes me disorganized

And thus the bliss of going out just to look around

Is forbidden for those who lost their own dreams on their way,

And breathtaking moments full of landscapes and clear skies

With the expectation that someday I will take off

And fly away taking my lifeˋs control


Best “Costume Suit” Ever

-“Ten minutes till lights on!” -said a voice through the dressing room door.

– Man,  I’m so excited…Could you please help me with the zipper?

– Am…Christopher, are you sure of this idea…?

-Yeah! I think is gonna be funny and unforgettable.

– Well, it will be unforgettable for sure, although some people had the same idea…

-But not “the same”…come on, look at me, grorrwww..!!

-Hahaha, letˋs go man, Iˋve got to help you to get to the stage…

Costume dinosaur??

Jurrasic Park – Colorado Symphony Conductor Performs in Dinosaur Suit

It is not just another park (1)

retiro park-crystal palaceJust getting into this homely place

A thousand smiles caress my senses

Carrying myself to the pure childhood 

Where all my sweet memories were carefully created

Where I used to feed the ducks with hard bread 

As well as the elegant white swans of the Crystal Palace

Old couples making photos, and youngers too, and parents  smiling with their kids, separeted or not,

And see how the daisies are waiting for someone to play the game “she likes me, she doesn`t…”

And the elegant peacocks cleaning their feathers of beutiful and bright colours, blue dark, blue light, brown, purple, green, gray, black as their heels, and white as their royal heads…

And find the perfect place to lay down between the sun and the shadow, the shadow of the trees, big, long and colourful trees,

And listen to the sounds of the fountain`s  water, up and down once and once again,

And scape from the noises of this city, full of traffic jam, cars, buses, motor-bikes…

Observing the cycling Street where I used to do rolling skate

And where now I  love to running till the final gates 

A symphony of colours when I walk around there calming

Till I could enter through its crystal bright lights, is the Cristal palace calling me out…?

And watch the lazy ducks taking naps, between the statues and thinking that Morfeo have just got them into his arms

And arrived where I took some pizza with my best Friends of all time, it is like a interdimensional spaces where time doesn`t go on and likes to fill my heart with the best memories I could have.

Green leaves during spring time, when I used to sitting down up to the lion`s statues with just 6 years ols, curly hair, red cheeks and bealiving in sweet dreams, just pure infancy

And even the sizzling summer comes just on time like every year, they sell ice creams all around:chocolate, hazel-nuts, lima-limón, strawbarries and coco-nuts…

They’re still stubborn drawing nature figures to my body

Till mahogany Autumn knocks to the doors of every corner of the park

Sailing in a white and blue boat from one place to somewhere else

While you and I can admire the animal’s statues that adorn it surroundings

Making  us feel that nature goes beyond its human creation itselves

And contemplating the sunset through a pair of magical sunglasses

That will make you think that real beautiful life is in the simple natural facts

This perfect place for every occasion have too many addresses, but just one name

Could you guess what I’m talking about…?

Yes, the lovely Retiro Park